A Wiccan, a Buddhist, and a Muslim Walk Into a Kitchen…

… Yes, it sounds like the start of a joke, but it’s not! It’s actually a snapshot of the overwhelming success of Saturday March 12’s Better Together Interfaith Service Day!

Twelve students of all different faiths, traditions, and cultural backgrounds all came together to help support the family of Ker Ner and Paw Tar Shu, Karen refugees from Thailand who are expecting their first baby in May!

After we talked through some pre-volunteering interfaith discussion, we loaded the back of our Hamline van with donations from our neighbors and headed off to the apartment. Once there, we got right to work!

Everybody split up into groups twos and threes, and every room of the apartment was filled with the sound of chatting, laughing, scrubbing, hammering, cleaning, and more!

We set up the bathroom…

… cleaned, scrubbed, and put up the kitchen…

… prepared the baby’s crib and gifts…

… and so much more! Everyone chipped in, worked hard, and shared some great conversation and stories!

Afterwards, we headed back to Hamline for pizza, a movie, and packing welcome kits for new families coming to Minnesota.

Altogether, it was a wonderful time and a powerful interfaith volunteering experience for everyone involved. We made new friends, helped our neighbors, and prepared a fresh, warm home for Ker Ner, Paw Tar Shu, and their baby.

Click for photos and memories of November’s What If Speak-In, February’s interfaith meal and volunteering, and March’s interfaith meal.

Look out for our events in April – April 5’s interfaith meal, April 9’s interfaith volunteering day, April 13’s Better Together Finale!


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