please excuse our lateness…

Friends! Friends friends friends. We are so sorry about how bad we’ve been at keeping the blog updated. We are well-overdue on a new post. Although it’s been quite some time since we’ve posted, I’d like to give you a run-down of what’s been happening since our last post–

In December, we wrapped up the fall semester of Multifaith with a celebration of winter holidays.

In January, Multifaith had a month long book club. We read the book Zeitoun, which is a true story about a Muslim man living in New Orleans who used his own canoe to help rescue the people of New Orleans when it was flooded after Hurricane Katrina.

We have had some awesome discussions so far at Multifaith. Our schedule looks like….

Feb 6- Current Events
Feb 13- Religion and Relationships
Feb 20- Religion and the Presidential Race
Feb 27- Miracles
Mar 5- Eboo night
Mar 12- Spring Holidays
Mar 26- Movie night
Apr 2- Time
Apr 9- Hijab for a Day
Apr 16- Native American Spirituality
Apr 23- Service night at Emma Norton
Apr 30- Religion and Children

It’s been a crazy semester for Multifaith, the Wesley Center, and all of the interfaith work that’s gone on. Hamline had the amazing opportunity to have Eboo Patel visit campus and spend a day talking about interfaith action with students, faculty, and staff as well as wrapping up his visit with a lecture at the Hamline church, which was open to all. It was a truly inspiring day, and we are still left with the buzz and excitement that was created from the visit!

Over spring break, there were 5 groups of students and staff that went on Catalyst trips. There was a New Orleans trip that focused on service through an interfaith lens which all three of us (Casey, Megan, Rola) were able to go on. This was also an amazing trip full of amazing people. We were able to meet with members and leaders of a mosque, synagogue, leaders and members from the Vietnamese community in East New Orleans to learn about the ways that they had helped their community after Hurricane Katrina. We also had the opportunity to meet with a few kids from the neighborhood of Central City, where we were staying for the week as well as a Hamline Alum who had moved to New Orleans after he had visited a few times with catalyst groups from Hamline. The experiences and details of this trip can’t be emphasized enough through words on paper or a screen, but we’re happy to say that it truly was an amazing trip, and we’ve all taken something back with us.


Now we are to the middle of April, having just a few more discussions with Multifaith. We had a very successful Hijab for a Day event this past week, which brought in amazing ideas and experiences from the day as well as throughout peoples’ lives. We are going to have a service night in 2 weeks, which we try to do once a semester for Multifaith.

Next week is the 2012 Mahle Lecture in Progressive Christian Thought. “World Balance vs. Personal Salvation: An American Indian Postcolonial Perspective” will have guest lecturer Dr. George “Tink” Tinker. This event is free and open to the public and will take place in Sundin Music Hall (1531 Hewitt Ave., St. Paul MN 55104). For more details with that, you can contact the Wesley Center at (651) 523- 2878.

So, there is a semi-short summary of what’s been going on the past few…months. Once again, we’re sorry it’s taken so long to update this. As you can see, we’ve been keeping plenty busy with what’s going on around campus! BUT I PROMISE YOU WE WILL UPDATE THIS SOONER NEXT TIME.

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